Ned Botwood - 18th June 2019

Ever seen a nun vogue in a swimming pool? You can in Chloe Wallace’s new video for Shura - the British singer’s second collaboration with CANADA.

Pairing sex and Catholicism is the birthright of music videos, and CANADA make a habit of it. But you won’t have seen nuns this blue since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Shura plays a female clergyman in a convent where smoking and dancing are permitted, and love is the order of the day.

There’s some great casting here, especially in Latoya Edwards, who has a rare magnetic presence. But arguably, the true star of this video is Shura’s spectacular hat, a white galero befitting of a young pope. Thanks to this, some gorgeous compositions, and delicate Picnic at Hanging Rock costume design by Katharina Windemuth, sacrilege has never looked this cute. It’s a real home nun.

“For centuries we have been told by different faiths what is right, what is allowed… but here the leader is a woman, and the women are encouraged to love each other,” director Chloé Wallace explains. “We wanted to make a world of sexiness without being exploitative.”

PRO Credits


DirectorChloe Wallace
ProducerKaren Sauri
Production CompanyCANADA
Executive ProducerOscar Romagosa
Head Of ProductionAlba Barneda
1st ADCecilia Delgado
Director of PhotographyJack Kendrick
Focus PullerShao Min Chew Chia
2nd ACCheryl Wong
GafferNick Kalajdzic
Art DirectorKendra Eaves
WardrobeClaudia Torres Rondón
HairArtist Mical
Make-upArtist Mical
EditorLizzy Graham
Editing companyThe Whitehouse
ColouristRuben Galamba
Grading companyMetropolitana
Post ProducerÁlvaro Posadas
Casting directorKate Antognini
LabelSecretly Canadian
Other creditsLine Producer: Mathew Kim, Molly Gillis Costume Designer: Katharina Windemuth Associate Costume Designer: Heather Cameron Freedman Graphic Designer: Albert Romagosa Still Photo: Esteban Chacin Production Coordinator: Ellpetha Tsivicos Production Assistant: Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez, Felix Eason, Niklas Möller, Z Ambramowitz Swing: Alex Hass, Danyal Niazi, John Zeng Art Assistant: Alex Baird Shura's Hat Designer: Eric Javits Post Production Coordinator: Maria M Campomanes @CANADA

Ned Botwood - 18th June 2019

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