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Other Nature 'Walking A Wall' by Marcus Ebanks

Promo News - 28th May 2019

Marcus Ebanks video for British synth-rock-pop duo Other Nature is a tour de force - an impressive visual feast that explores all kinds of in-camera ideas. And it all happens within a strict colour palette of midnight blue.


"The concept, albeit attached loosely, is a slow descent into madness. While Walking A Wall remains an upbeat synth-pop kind of record, it was an opportunity to approach the video as an aestheticised melodrama.


I wanted to play off of the main performance within the studio set, and the second band member’s performance on location and acting as a supporting role surrounded by what seems to be a wasteland, intercutting between the two. Memorable visual moments are scattered throughout the video, with intent on exaggerating and minimising certain points of the song.

"Heavily inspired by the similar atmospheric night skies and dreamy light trail sequences in Boys Don't Cry by Kimberly Pierce, that early blue morning light you tend to find during the winter was appropriated here to create a uniquely blue-tinted environment. It was eerie, unfamiliar and a little hostile."

Promo News - 28th May 2019


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Marcus Ebanks
Marcus Ebanks


Director of Photography
Marcus Ebanks
Director of Photography
Joseph Sy


Marcus Ebanks

Promo News - 28th May 2019

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