Promo News - 14th May 2019

In his video for Nick Wilson, first-time director Bjorn Franklin skilfully tells the story of a relationship, where initial pleasure and happiness in Brighton is replaced, through revelation, by something painful.

The actors Nell Hudson (Victoria) and Fayez Bakhsh (The State), bring restrained depth to their roles as the couple experiencing an all-too believable break-up.


"Shot in Brighton and London, our video acts almost as a snapshot into the relationship of an unknown couple. From the beginning we see things aren't always as they seem.

"We took inspiration mainly from the song and the lyrical context, it was important to approach this in a subtle and simple way. We wanted the locations to be as much of a character as our actors were. The same with our choice of camera movement. We opted to shoot completely handheld to give that intimate and raw feel to the cinematography."


DirectorBjorn Franklin
ProducerGina Producer
Production CompanyBee Happy Media
Director of PhotographyJohnny Marchetta
2nd ACJosh Stiles
Hair & Make-upAbi Harcourt
EditorJohnny Marchetta
Lead actorNell Hudson
Lead actorFayez Bakhsh
CommissionerOrna Lyons
LabelNever Fade Records

Promo News - 14th May 2019

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