Lassamie Prasimay - 13th May 2019

What initially seemed to be a calm, serene take by Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker) of his new single turns out to be a spectacular death-defying act, as the singer stands amidst a plethora of fireworks in Najeeb Tarazi's video for Dangerous.

The soothing blue hues of Murphy's close up expand to a whirlwind of red and gold sparks, revealed through this authentic one-shot take.


"Nick had this idea for a long, single shot where you pull out and slowly reveal that he's in the center of total chaos, inspired by 'firework fails'  where people accidentally set off their entire stockpiles of fireworks all at once. The contrast of introspective music and pyrotechnic spectacle felt like it would add a dimension to the song.

"Because the song has a nostalgic, reflective quality, Nick and I got attached to the idea of playing with time and time reversal, which led us to a motif of time-reversed fireworks even as Nick sings in forward time.

"Nick did actually stand in that storm of fireworks and deliver the song – once the full blown show starts there is little to no compositing or VFX other than the obvious time reversed fireworks. Excited to share behind-the-scenes once it's ready."

PRO Credits


DirectorNajeeb Tarazi
ProducerChristina Jobe
Production CompanyGhost Robot
Executive ProducerZach Mortensen
Executive ProducerMark De Pace
Production ManagerJake Eisner
Director of PhotographyDavid Vollrath
Focus PullerAndrew Baxter
GafferTom Platt
WardrobeCraig Ryan
EditorNajeeb Tarazi
ColouristKristopher Smale
Grading companyMPC
VFXNajeeb Tarazi
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
Other creditsMoco Op: Paul Maples Moco Tech: Adam Francis Pyro Techs: John & Paul Eggett

Lassamie Prasimay - 13th May 2019

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