David Knight - 24th Apr 2019

After crash landing on a barren planet an external force sets irrevocable changes in motion in Balázs Simon's breathtaking CG-animated video for British producer/composer Leifur James.

As the black orb that lands on the planet starts to create a physical reaction in the land around it, then it becomes an extraordinary vision of creation arising from destruction, a phenomenal clash of sci-fi fantasy and hyper-real visuals.

This is really awesome work by the Budapest-based director/animator Simon, who's previous work includes his extraordinary four-part video for EDM producer Leon Lour released last year. This is a combination of real visionary purpose and amazing execution, photorealistic animated fantasy of the highest order.


DirectorBalázs Simon
ProducerBalázs Simon
Production CompanyUmbrella Budapest
Director of PhotographyDániel Reich
Art DirectorPéter Kántor
Post production companyAirplan
LabelNight Time Stories
Other creditsAnimation: Balázs Simon, Dávid Dell'Edera, Gábor Filkor, Tímea Horváth, Donát Áron Ertsey, Máté Barbalics 3D Assets: Máté Barbalics Special Effects: Péter Kántor, Emil Goodman, Dávid Dell'Edera

David Knight - 24th Apr 2019

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