Promo News - 15th Apr 2019

Nic Fforde's near-abstract macro shots of plants and flowers spinning through the air against black provides a strangely soothing and hypnotic visual accompaniment to the old school electronica of Maustrap act Flip-Flop's Damage. 


"This video was a bit of an experiment and ended up taking nearly four months to make. Unfortunately at that point the label it was originally intended for decided it wasn't right for their brand image. But I showed it to the Flip-Flop guys and they loved it.

"We tinkered with the original video to give it more of the psychedelic tinge that Flip-Flop love and I think overall the result is an improvement on the original. I must say it is a relief after so much tinkering and tweaking to finally get it out there!"


DirectorNic Fforde
ProducerChris Hanson
Production CompanySincerely, Entertainment

Promo News - 15th Apr 2019

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