Promo News - 5th Apr 2019

Luke Logan sends the charismatic Tobi Sunmola on an hypnotic, mind bending journey from the the city to a weirdly surreal countryside.

There's a real sense of vertigo, as Tobi finds himself chasing a baloon, that multiplies in his dreamscape. And there's  an unexpected ending which leaves more questions than answers.

Shot on 16mm film at locations across the north west of England, Logan says that the film has been made on "nothing more than tea, biscuits and discount film stock." Which is quite an achievement as it looks marvellous.


DirectorLuke Logan
ProducerJoe Vickers
Director of PhotographyPaul Mortlock
Focus PullerSam James
2nd ACJan Koblanski
2nd ACBen Harris
SteadicamChris Higgins
SteadicamRob Beck
GafferDan Tunstall
WardrobeMonsieur Paris
EditorLuke Logan
ColouristTom Majerski
Grading companyTetragrade
VFXRichard Van De Steenoven
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
Other creditsArt Dept: James Pinky Kirk Sound Design: GAS Music PA: Dom Child/Kai Parsons/Dionne Lee Film Processing And Scan: Cinelab Drop City Ltd Rich Reason Johnny Opo Deepo Marley Brown BTS - Rob Connor

Promo News - 5th Apr 2019

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