David Knight - 21st Mar 2019

Having directed her own videos for a while, Roisín Murphy now takes the plunge for the first time with another artist, coming up with a subversive knockabout comedy for The Fat White Family which gets to grips with the joys of Monty Python.

The video for Tastes Good With The Money is a loose homage to some classic Python moments from the original Flying Circus TV series, in particular the most aggressively violent bits, and the Pythons' fondness for dressing up as old ladies.

So prepare yourself for a remake of Noel Coward's Salad Days, as directed by Sam Peckinpah, now reimagined by Roisin Murphy and FWF. It's bloody... Plus a nice cameo by Baxter Dury thrown in for good measure.


Python seems prescient. The British laughing at themselves, a certain kind of glee even in the loss of empire, singing as the ship goes down, well it just seems so...of the moment.

"I’ve been making it known for years how much I wanted to make a video for this band. I’m a massive fan of Fat White Family and I’ve been chasing this opportunity for a long time. For me there’s such a charm about them and an authenticity that’s actually incredibly rare. I knew I could not possibly work with a more magnetic bunch of performers.

"The idea of referencing Monty Python partly came out of the somewhat absurd and confusing political landscape that we are now living in in Britain. Python seems prescient. The British laughing at themselves, a certain kind of glee even in the loss of empire, singing as the ship goes down, well it just seems so...of the moment. There is this deep ambivalence to the establishment that resonates with the the Fat Whites own irreverent world view. 

"Most of all I wanted an idea that would give them the confidence and the space to really let go and just perform, to allow them to be raw in what is essentially an unnatural situation for a bunch of ne’er do well musicians.

"When I look at the video what I see is the trust they put in me and I'm so proud of that. Maybe it’s because I am a performer too, but they let themselves be put in a kind of vulnerable situation. They allowed themselves to be foolish, silly and absurd in a way that could have gone tits-up. However, the result is hilarious and performances are second to none."

PRO Credits


DirectorRóisín Murphy
ProducerAstrid Edwards
Production CompanySquire
Executive ProducerPhil Tidy
Director's AssistantJay Creagh
1st ADJamie Dyer
Director of PhotographyGabi Norland
Focus PullerChris Hayden
2nd ACTheresa Adamson
GafferJoe Williams
Art DirectorClaudia Lyster
Art Department AssistantJosie Corben
PropsJason Bradley
WardrobePolly Banks
HairDarren Evans
EditorBen Unwin
ColouristConnor Coolbear
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
CommissionerJohn Moule
Other creditsRunners: Dave Burridge, Derya Atercan, Simon Tickner

David Knight - 21st Mar 2019

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