Promo News - 1st Mar 2019

Some people are just too nice - and that's not very real. That's the point of Emily Burns's catchy Too Cool. She want s a lover to be less forgiving, and then it will make it heasier to love her back. Thatweird logic is very relatable. And Emily and Luke Bather have got together to turn into a bright, breezy viceo with a bit of an edge.  

“I was pushing this person's buttons constantly... so I wanted the video to be revolving around these objects – like a champagne bottle, a balloon – things that build tension throughout,” Emily has told Noisey. “Then at the end, she does snap, and I get the reaction I wanted the whole time. Then I'm celebrating, like 'thank god she got pissed off'. Which is, I know, weird. But you want to know that someone's human.”

"We made a video where we got to basically provoke and annoy someone in a hyper-saturated cutesy environment for a day," adds Luke. And you are just waiting for her to finally react.


DirectorLuke Bather
ProducerMatthew Rowlands
Production CompanyWe Are Invite
Director of PhotographyGeorge Haydock
Make-upGolden Axe Makeup
EditorLuke Bather
Lead actorIsabella Stevenson-olds
Other creditsRunner: Tom Stephenson

Promo News - 1st Mar 2019

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