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Kasper 'Taas Tuntemaan' by Samuel Häkkinen

Lassamie Prasimay - 4th Feb 2019

The music video for Finnish singer-songwriter artist Kasper’s track Taas Tuntemaan is a solemn compilation of moments in the lives of multiple characters, who all join together in a mysterious meeting.

It may be a bit confusing, as the viewer tries to piece together all the strange goins-on, but remains visually aesthetic throughout, with the action filmed to match the 4:3 frame. The video was directed by Samuel Häkkinen, the style and poetic tones drawing  inspiration from masters of cinema like Andrei Tarkovsky and David Lynch.

The video took almost a year to make, as it was first and foremost considered an art project, and was visually stylized and shot by DoP Janne Häkkinen and the acclaimed cinematographer Arsen Sarkisiants, who’s latest short film The Tiger was picked up by The Cannes Film Festival’s La Semaine De La Critique last year.


“I wanted to make a video for the track as it’s very beautiful and I was inspired by the whole album. The lyrics are about songs never written, so that gave me the idea of showing different scenes of films that will never be made. Then these characters from the movies have a secret meeting of their own.”

Lassamie Prasimay - 4th Feb 2019


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Samuel Häkkinen
Samuel Häkkinen
Production Company
Silent Paprika Films
Executive Producer
Samuel Häkkinen


Director of Photography
Arsen Sarkisiants, Janne Häkkinen
Director of Photography
Janne Häkkinen


Samuel Häkkinen


Janne Häkkinen

Other credits


Valma Halen, Alina Bayron, Paavo Häyrynen, Pavel Andonov, Iris Kärkkäinen, Simo Pitkänen, Atte Häkkinen, Sonja Sundell

Lassamie Prasimay - 4th Feb 2019

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