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Poppy Ajudha 'The Man You Aim To Be' by Greg Barnes

Promonews - 29th Jan 2019

Poppy Ajudha performs in a club surrounded by her friends, and fantasises about a boy angel, in this video for The Man You Aim To Be by Greg Barnes - now signed to Black Dog.

With the songtitle eerily similar to the taglines on the new Gillette ad, Poppy has confirmed she is addressing the same subject matter in the song, which comes from her acclaimed EP Patience, released last year.

And the video features several well known creatives including including Fenn Omeally, Kyara Simone, Char Ellesse and Lara McGrath.


[The video] shows the importance of having a safe space to express yourself

"The Man You Aim To Be is a video that aims to show strength in all the people, both men and women, who are affected by toxic masculinity. It shows the importance of having a safe space to express yourself, let go of those expectations and it hopes to show a display of different types of masculinity and maleness as well as an openness around gender and sexuality.”

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Promonews - 29th Jan 2019


  • Performance
  • R&B
  • Nightclub

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Greg Barnes
Ben Skerritt
Production Company


PC Williams

Other credits


Poppy Ajudha

Additional footage

Treve Jackson-Hicks


Chris Reid, Daries Street, Dhamirah Coombes, Ed Munro, Elander Moore, Ellesse Char, Emanuel Unaji, Fabrice Bourgelle, Favour Jonathan, Fenn Omeally, Izzy Stephen, Kele Roberson, Kourtney, Kyara Simone, Lara McGrath, NK-OK, Pippa Melody, Portia Ferrari, Varaidzo, Yoyo Yohanna

Promonews - 29th Jan 2019

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