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Sivan Talmor 'Sad Heart' by Karni & Saul

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2019

UKMVA-winning animator-directing partners Karni & Saul have returned to music videos with this delightful visual for Israeli singer-songwriter Sivan Talmor.

Multi-award winning duo Karni Arieli and Saul Freed, whose video for Katie Melua's Perfect World won the MVA for Best Animation in 2017, have applied their complex yet delicate multi-media style to Talmor's Sad Heart, creating a female figure that leaps onwards through an ever-changing, colourful abstract world - including across the recognisable soundwave of the song.

In their beautfully imagined universe, Karni & Saul's female character is ultimately rendered as a body composed of lights, floating ethereally in space. A video that gives room to the heartfelt lyric of Talmor's song.   


We love the visual parallels between a sound wave and a heartbeat signal. 

"It's an emotional  journey of a woman along a sound wave. The concept was to take a character for a journey along the song's waveform and see what happens. So the whole "world" is actually generated from the sound.

"Suddenly our hero is facing terrifying cliffs when there is a silent moment between verses, or has to climb / fly over peaks in order to keep going through the more dynamic sections of the track. More importantly it’s also an internal emotional journey. We love the visual parallels between a sound wave and a heartbeat signal. 

"Technique: this is CG animation, done in Maya. Using a range of techniques but the interesting angle is the generating of landscapes and elements using the sound wave itself. Using it to create anything from rocks, ribbons and oceans. Making it the ultimate musical visual mix.“

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2019


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David Knight - 22nd Jan 2019

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