David Knight - 17th Jan 2019

Andy Delaney of directing duo Big TV! - whose debut feature film is released in the UK this year - has directed this video for up and coming singer-songwriter Beckie Margaret. 

In keeping with her song New York, Delaney puts her in amongst the bright lights of Manhattan. But on a tiny budget, he called upon old friend and legendary colourist Adrian Seery, now based in New York, to help. Seery's Manhattan footage was then projected in a studio in Southend, combining with Margaret's performance. 

Whatever the budget, the result looks marvellous - as you'd expect from a director who has made sumptuous-looking work for years as half of Big TV with Monty Whitebloom - and evocative of Margaret's moving song. It's one of several solo projects that Delaney has been working on in the past few months, mainly in the areas of art and education, through his own outfit New Art Films.

Meanwhile, Delaney and Whitebloom's debut feature film Love is Blind, which stars Shannon Tarbet, Chloe Sevigny, Aidan Turner, Matthew Broderick and Benjamin Walker, is released in the UK later this year.


"The video was based on Beckie’s desire to use images of NY and her walking into the sea. All I did was figure out a way to execute them in a way that resonated. We didn’t have much money but we had a lot of love and that’s what made it work. A cliche but also a logistical fact.

"Props to the gang at Cool Thing Records for giving me a chance to do this thing (especially Luke Branch) and to Beckie for being such a star songwriter, performer and a gem of a human being."


DirectorAndy Delaney
ProducerAndy Delaney
Production CompanyNew Art Films
Director of PhotographyAndy Delaney
2nd Unit DoPAdrian Seery
Art DirectorMak Gilchrist
GafferCharles Sharman Cox
ProjectionsLuke Branch
EditorAndy Delaney
ColouristAdrian Seery
LabelCool Thing Records
Other creditsSpecial thanks: Rees Broomfield and Sam Duckworth for use of SS2 Studio, and to Brian Warrens for the big boy projector.

David Knight - 17th Jan 2019

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