David Knight - 7th Dec 2018

Helmi takes the reins for the latest video for Rosalía, and imagines the sadness at the heart of her song Bagdad, with a new twist on a classic metaphor of heartbreak.

As she withdraws to a toilet stall in a club bathroom, in the aftermath of a devastating phone call, Rosalía starts to cry. And she keeps crying, the equivalent of crying a river. The water rises in the stall, and Rosalía is resigned to drowning in her own tears. 

In the way that has marked out all her videos so far, Helmi mixes passion, grittiness and fantasy to make a wholly seductive piece for this sensational Spanish artist. 

PRO Credits


ProducerThéo Gall
Production CompanyDivision
Line ProducerMarie Lesay
1st ADGabriel Levy
Director of PhotographyAndre Chemetoff
StylistJill Gattegno
Hair & Make-upDjoher Ait Amer
EditorMarie Charlotte Moreau
Post production companyMathematic
ColouristMathieu Caplanne
Sound designCapitaine Plouf
CommissionerGuillermo Enguita

David Knight - 7th Dec 2018

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