Promo News - 30th Nov 2018

Day meets Night in the most creative possible way, in Guillaume Panariello's mindbending video for French electro band Loo & Monetti.

When a young man leaves his tower block in daytime, it becomes evident that his body is a window to what's happening at the exactly same place during night-time, as lights of neighbouring tower blocks become visible in his dark hoodie. And when night falls, then there's a girl who is a window into the same things happening during the day.

Panariello uses the idea as a jumping off point for a wide range of scenes that contrasts what happens in the same place at different times, whether it's a street, supermarket or cafe - and it's often fairly lurid things going on within the bodies of the Night and Day figures.

“It’s a poetic film involving two characters, one living in the day and the other at night,” producer Lionel Payet Pigeon of La Planète Rouge has told PetaPixel. “They cross the same places, but at different moments, like they where looking for each other.” 

Panariello has previous when it comes to super high-concept ideas that he then executes with breathtaking precision - such as shooting a three and a half minute music video in just 5 seconds using a 1000fps high speed camera.

In this case, no motion control or green screen involved in the project. Everything you see was done with rotoscoping and 3D tracking – and lots of work.


DirectorGuillaume Panariello
ProducerLionel Payet Pigeon
Production CompanyLa Planète Rouge
Executive ProducerLa Planète Rouge
Production ManagerSolange Roux
Director of PhotographyGuillaume Panariello
WardrobeEve Casiez
Post production companyLa Planète Rouge
Post ProducerJulien Climent
VFXBenoit Maffone
Director's RepresentationCaroline Mellet
LabelLabel Splinter
Other creditsAssistant Cam : Sylvain Morjane Comédienne : Lisa Filippi Comédien : Bastien Molines

Promo News - 30th Nov 2018

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