Promo News - 28th Nov 2018

Earlier this year, 21 year-old London-based rapper DeeRiginal lost his mother Beauti Lerlance to liver and gallbladder cancer. Beauti's dying wish was to be buried. "To leave this world as she came, as flesh not dust".

Facing huge funeral costs, DeeRiginal started a GoFundMe page and managed to raise over £7000 to give his mother the send off she wanted. His track Clarity was created out of that experience; from the strength he found within, and the support he received at the time. Junaid Faiz's video chronicles the fundraising experience, and the positive impact that it's had upon DeeRiginal.


DirectorJunaid Faiz
ProducerJunaid Faiz
Production CompanyBrickwork Films
Director of PhotographyJames Stuart
Focus PullerTj Hughes
EditorJunaid Faiz
Grading companyLightbox Film Co.

Promo News - 28th Nov 2018

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