David Knight - 13th Nov 2018

The Shantics' lead singer Jimmy Morris has taken it upon himself to shoot the video for Heaven- a real homemade homage to the classic rock 'n roll frontman that we see all too rarely now. 

It's just Jimmy strutting his stuff, performing Heaven, in front of a simple but graphic backdrop, shot on a locked-off, lo-fi digital camera. He's got a bit of the Jaggers, the Iggys, and the Davids (Johanssen and Lee Roth, that is) about him. But he happens to be in a generation that doesn't usually do that stuff, which makes this all the more surprising.

And when Jimmy takes his vest off... well, that's just pure 'Diet Coke'...

Watch 'The Shantics 'Heaven' by Jimmy Morris' here


"My girlfriend and I went away for a couple of nights for her birthday and to entertain I started dancing round the room. She has always found my dancing amusing, and when we were struggling with how to make music video without spending money, it seemed to make sense to utilise this. Us two just filmed it together at her house and had a laugh doing it. We used a super old and cheap digital camera and a tripod that my Dad had."


DirectorJimmy Morris
ProducerJimmy Morris
Production CompanyIron Age Pictures
Production CompanyGoldun Egg Records
Executive ProducerMatthew Clyde
CommissionerJake Gosling
LabelGoldun Egg Records

David Knight - 13th Nov 2018

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