Promo News - 7th Nov 2018

A series of well-composed portraits in pastel colours move from peaceful interiors to striking, gritty landscapes. And with each set-up a figure is motionless and seemingly frozen, their faces partially hidden, always facing away from the camera.

It's a stylish video for Dutch-German duo The Day and the gentle dreampop of Where The Wild Things Are by Lumi Lausas, who says her visual interpretation is an expression of how the music affects her.

"The music by The Day always brings me in a certain state of nostalgia. Unlike listening to an old playlist, it does not throw me back to any particular period of my life. Instead, it triggers a longing without an object, the sensorial memory of a past mood taken out of context. This relates to an illusion of a future that never materialised, comparable to the colours of a vivid dream fading away with time."

The Day's debut album Midnight Parade will be out in January 2019.


DirectorLumi Lausas
ProducerLumi Lausas
Executive ProducerThe Day
Director of PhotographyJulian Gillmann
Focus PullerJulian Gillmann

Promo News - 7th Nov 2018

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