Promo News - 30th Oct 2018

Jake Schreier enters a watery world in Francis and the Lights’ video for Never Back, in which frontman Francis Farewell Starlite performs a meditative ritualistic practice in a swimming pool, juxtaposed with the lounge chairs and hammock of the poolside nearby.

As the video opens, Francis stands on his tiptoes in the brilliant water of a Los Angeles pool with only his nose breaking the surface, then descends to stand on the bottom of the pool. Francis’ geometric shape is emphasized with a visual of his mirrored body standing and legs rising the opposite way, towards the sky. The camera pans out at various points to a tranquil scene where Francis lies in a hammock while his underwater self experiments with movement, attempting to conquer his glittering blue environment.

Shot at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the video - the latest by former Francis and the Lights bandmember Schreier, who last year won a UKMVAs for his Haim video for Want You Back – is a visualisation of the song lyrics that reference whales who live in the water but still breath air, concluding with the refrain, “We can never go back, tho. We can never go back in time.”


DirectorJake Schreier
ProducerCory Ryder
Production CompanyPark Pictures
Executive ProducerJackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Director of PhotographyShawn Kim
Focus PullerUndefined
Other creditsHead Of Production: Anne Bobroff

Promo News - 30th Oct 2018

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