Lassamie Prasimay - 24th Sept 2018

'Karoshi' - the term for “death by overworking” – has become a major epidemic in Japan, caused by the pressures and strain of living in a society of extreme overwork. And Boris Thompson-Roylance's video for LONO's Twerking on Mars depicts the physical and mental suffering of getting trapped in this vicious circle.

With shaky camera movements, dark cold grades and striking blood red captions scrawled over the screen, the visuals were inspired by the photography of documentary filmmaker Allegra Pacheco, resulting in a crossbreed of documentary, music video and short film.


DirectorBoris Thompson-Roylance
ProducerLaura Prast
Production CompanyDeadbeat Films
Production CompanyToma Productions
Executive ProducerAnthony Toma
Director of PhotographyJack Thompson-Roylance
Focus PullerJack Edwards
ColouristJoseph Guy
Lead actorKenji Matsunaga
LabelAudio Network
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Archie Driver Stylist: Lucy Upton-Prowse Calligraphy: Susumu Mukai Motion Graphics: Matthew Bayfield

Lassamie Prasimay - 24th Sept 2018

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