David Knight - 11th Sept 2018

Luke Bather, of this parish, has resourcefully made a video for rock outfit Pijn, using personal stories of loss written by their fans, being read by the bandmembers - with the full transcript of these stories being on an autocue which the viewer here can only see in reverse.

A bit like Radiohead's No Surprises with lots more text, and without Thom Yorke almost drowning.

It's an uncompromisingly minimal experience which, as Luke says below, has greater similarity to an installation piece in a gallery than a conventional music video.


"Pijn came to me in a blind panic a few weeks ago because they needed a music video for the first track off their new album and they needed it by the end of the week. Their album is called Loss, and in the run-up to the release they'd asked friends, fans and strangers to share some deeply personal stories of loss with them. Some are one line long, some are full stories, all of them are tremendously sad. So I set up an autocue, and had the band read the full run of submitted stories one after the other in order to capture their reactions to them.

"For some of the band, the first time they're hearing the stories is as they're reading them aloud which leads to some genuine emotional reactions and makes for quite uncomfortable viewing at times. Then we fed that through a CRT TV with the full transcript of the text scrolling by in reverse - meaning that if people want to read what's being said they can do, but it's clouded and distorted with being reproduced and takes a bit of work to separate the truth from the emotion. It's almost more like an installation piece than a music video, I suppose.

"Anyway, we shot and edited the whole thing in less than 10 hours and it cost about £40 to make and the idea didn't even exist 'til about 4 days before it premiered so I'm pretty happy with the whole thing."

Watch 'Pijn 'Denial' by Luke Bather' here


DirectorLuke Bather
ProducerLuke Bather
LabelHoly Roar

David Knight - 11th Sept 2018

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