Promo News - 27th July 2018

An intriguing video of suble drama for Norwegian musician and actor Okay Kaya, directed by JK  - that's Jonathan Klein. 

Kaya plays two parts, a girl and her passive aggressive twin, caught up in a mysterious power-play over a white faceless male mannequin. It's a scenario which invites the viewer to speculate on who they are, what has happened before - and the significance of this inert male in their lives.

The video for Habitual Love, shot on the new Sony VENICE camera system, this was filmed in upstate New York at the architecturally renowned Rubber House, designed by Tom Pritchard for legendary choreographer Eugene Loring (and formerly owned by actor Willem Dafoe). It comes on the heels of Kaya’s long-awaited debut album Both, is a continuation of Kaya's visual series exploring dual identity and trauma. 

“Having seen Kaya in Joachim Trier’s Oscar-nominated Thelma, I was exhilarated by the prospect of a collaboration,” says JK. “Her music and lyrics possess a uniquely vulnerable intimacy, an exploration of her personal, private conflict within. Our aim with the video was to reflect that very distinct Okay Kaya spirit, while taking advantage of the Rubber House’s exceptional character.”


ProducerSong Hee
Director of PhotographyIgor Kroporov
1st ACTsyen Shen
StylistAaron Maine
EditorAaron Tompkins

Promo News - 27th July 2018

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