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Parker Bossley 'Chemicals' by Joseph Wallace

David Knight - 16th July 2018

Joseph Wallace has created a gorgeously imaginative cut-out animation for Parker Bossley where the indie-pop musician embarks on an adventure through increasingly surreal iterations of the natural world, taking the form of different creatures along the way.

The song Chemicals is all "about my relationships with drugs and love,” says Bossley. And Wallace, a BAFTA Cymru-nominated animator and Bristol-based puppetry director, has given him a journey worthy of Lewis Carroll.

The singer, composed of cutout pieces of face and body, and then adding other body elements according to his surroundings, repeatedly passes through doors into new worlds, at first with a whimsical intention that quickly develops an unnerving edge.

From becoming a monkey in the jungle, threatened by a ferocious tiger, Parker becomes a polar bear on a freezing mountain before becoming a fish, and then entering a prismatic realm, where nothing whatever is fixed. 

Produced by Carla Mooney and Delwyn Mooney of Cardel, this was filmed at the Hangar puppet animation studio in Bristol. And if the drugs don't work any more, this is a good replacement.

David Knight - 16th July 2018


  • Animation
  • Narrative
  • Indie

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Joseph Wallace
Carla Mooney
Delwyn Mooney
Production Company

Other credits

Animation And Collage By

Joseph Wallace & Marie Lechevallier

Artist Photography By

Ronnie Lee Hill And Parker Bossley

Filmed At

Hangar Puppet Animation Studio

Thanks To

Charlotte Dubery, Ben Goodman, Mary Murphy

David Knight - 16th July 2018

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