Lassamie Prasimay - 30th Apr 2018

Three scientists trapped in a dull, monochrome world slave over experiment after experiment to try and discover the one thing they can’t even imagine - colour – in Theo Gee's entertaining video for The Fratellis.

With black and white tones that reference Hollywood's silent movies of the past, and classic horror movies like Frankenstein, Gee has created an absorbing story from his intriguing idea, with fine casting and excellent photography by DoP Will Price.

And finally, the cinematic black and white world gives way to a modern utopian world soaked in vivid colours.


DirectorTheo Gee
ProducerMiriam Van Emst
1st ADIan Bousher
Director of PhotographyWill Price
Focus PullerSeb Hawkins
2nd ACSamantha Harris
Art DirectorRufus Martin
EditorRichard Lozberg
ColouristWill Price
VFXWill Price
LabelCooking Vinyl
Other creditsCast: Melvyn Rawlinson, Bill Best, Albert Clogston

Lassamie Prasimay - 30th Apr 2018

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