Promonews - 19th Feb 2018

Jack Barraclough's video for Mind Enterprises's old-school dancefloor magnet S.H.A.K.E. is very daft indeed - in a good way.


“After settling on this character (Bill Gates meets Tony Montana) I wanted to direct and edit the video as if it could have been self-made by this guy after work, on a bit of a delusional ego trip. So I incorporated the ‘office’ set up and watched a lot of Italo disco videos for inspiration. I also got the most boring looking sandwich possible as a prop, which is tuna & cucumber.” (via Notion magazine)

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Barraclough
ProducerJennifer Metcalfe
Director of PhotographyConor Chalk
Focus PullerJean Dakar
2nd ACLouis Hollis
GafferLeon Pyszora
EditorJack Barraclough
LabelBecause Music
Other creditsRunner: Chris Le Ferve

Promonews - 19th Feb 2018

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