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Rae Morris 'Atletico' by Noel Paul

Promonews - 12th Dec 2017

After filming her previous videos in Lebanon and New York, Rae Morris reunites with Noel Paul of That Go for a jaunt through vibrant New Orleans in her latest clip for Atletico.

And like with the wonderful NYC-set video for Do It, Paul has Rae in tourist mode, albeit slightly more dramatised. It takes time for her to embrace the vivid culture and people of the city, ending with each of her adventures flashing up in close succession, as snapshots from her journey. 

“In this video I’m a solo soul-searcher," Rae has said about the Atletico video. "New Orleans was the perfect place for this video because it’s such a joyous city with the most infectious energy. That’s exactly what Atletico is about - having too much energy and not knowing what to do with it.”

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Promonews - 12th Dec 2017


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Noel Paul
Raven Jensen
Production Company
Service Company
HSU Films
Executive Producer
Luke Tierney


Director of Photography
Gabe Harden

Other credits

Service EP

Jonathan Hsu

Promonews - 12th Dec 2017

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