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Mirror Signal 'You Can't Put Out This Fire' by Benn Veasey

David Knight - 3rd Nov 2017

In Benn Veasey's video for Mirror Signal the camera pans across a tower block at night until the somewhat chilling VFX appear.

Then the action shifts to the street below - a woman walks under the lights, and starts to extend herself into a msermeric dance - captured by the steadicam of Doug Walshe - Benn Veasey's brother. 


"I really wanted to strip things back with this project. Steven's music is so well thought out it would be a shame to overcomplicate the visuals. I'm a big fan of long takes and holding onto simple VFX in a wide, it really gives you time to appreciate the world you're being shown for what it is. And it was a great to work with such a beautiful song that gave us the opportunity to do this."

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David Knight - 3rd Nov 2017


  • Choreography
  • Director's notes
  • VFX

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Benn Veasey
Rufus Pinkerton


Lead actor
Mirei Yazawa


Benn Veasey

Other credits

Steadicam Operator

Doug Walshe

David Knight - 3rd Nov 2017

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