David Knight - 28th Sept 2017

Lee Bamsey wittily dissects our addiction to our smartphones in his latest video for Malka.

"The idea reflects the importance of confronting issues, and talking them though," he says. "It emphasises that the art of conversation can easily be lost to a phone or device, which can cause resentment and angst. Talk about things and act on them, instead of wasting your time looking at nonsense on your phone."


DirectorLee Bamsey
ProducerTamara Schlesinger
Production CompanyAssociates
Production CompanyLee Bamsey
Director of PhotographySteven Gray
EditorLee Bamsey
ColouristLouis Tsamados
Grading companyElement 26
Post production companyElement 26
VFXTony Lee
Lead actorDave Mcrae
Lead actorKatrina Miles

David Knight - 28th Sept 2017

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