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Vincent 'Words' by Joseph Connor

David Knight - 8th Sept 2017

Somehow, in between directing videos and commercials, Joe Connor has found time to make an record. Performing as Vincent – his middle name – this personal project has blossomed into a complete album, which is now available. And of course there's a visual too.

Joe's video for Words is a one-shot of iconic simplicity, with beautiful photography by Ben Todd. A mesmerising accompaniment to a stark, beautiful song.

"It wasn’t meant to be anything real, but then I got so far along this silly road I decided I couldn’t turn back," says Joe, of the Vincent project. "I wrote this album while being late, jet-lagged, abroad, in the rain, missing birthdays, upside down, losing my keys and most likely drunk, but I find that they’re the ingredients for all good ideas."

If you like this, then check more out on iTunes or Spotify - or at the website.


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David Knight - 8th Sept 2017

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Joseph Connor
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David Knight - 8th Sept 2017

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