David Knight - 15th Aug 2017

Jean-Marie Marbach's brilliant and beautiful video for Canadian jazz-electro band Tennyson is a wonder of CGI and Particle FX.

L'oiseau qui danse sees an origami bird flutter into to life above a field of lights, and dance within a light clouds, leaving colourful vapour trails in its wake. The imagery, mainly figurative, also veers to the abstract, and the L'Oiseau Qui Danse has been described as being in the spirit of the Visual Music films of the mid 20th century created by the likes of Oskar Fischinger, Jordan Belson and Mary Ellen Bute.


DirectorJean-Marie Marbach
ProducerJean-Marie Marbach
Production CompanyA La Bonne Heure Productions
Other creditsAdditional AE Expressions & Scripting: Dan Ebberts

David Knight - 15th Aug 2017

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