David Knight - 26th July 2017

Kaz Ové steps up to capture Hare Squead's Flowers (from their new EP Season 2) with a characteristic display of authentic performance distilled through complementary FX work.

And Ové also embraces a touch of psychedelia, with solarised images and visuals overlaid on one another to beautiful effect. That sends this talented trio, who remind Ové of De La Soul in their early pomp, into a modern day Daisy Age.


"As soon as I heard the track it gave me a kind of old school De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest type vibe, and when I checked out the boys they came off as the new age version of that to me; cool, arty, interesting dudes. So that De La album cover ‘3 feet high and rising’ came to mind, the bright colours with the black and white, like a collage. That was the inspiration and we just took it from there."


DirectorKaz Ove
ProducerLavinia Noel
ProducerIndiana Mookram
Production CompanySugarcane Media
Executive ProducerIndiana Mookram
Executive ProducerLavinia Noel
1st ADYasmin Godo
Director of PhotographyAdam Barnett
Focus PullerSebastian Slayter
2nd ACJames Wicks
DITFatima Ouklilane
GafferEd Kilpatrick
EditorKaz Ove
VFXKaz Ove
Lead actorJoanna
Director's RepresentationSugarcane Media
CommissionerDaniel Millar
CommissionerLisa Foo
LabelSony Music
Other creditsRunners: Keryn Mae Benjamin And Jahva Pasquini

David Knight - 26th July 2017

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