Luke Bather - 21st July 2017

Chad VanGaalen animates some bizarre cosmic terrain in his self-made animation.

VanGaalen has been animating wild visual accompaniments to his songs for years - forms that don't quite make sense to look at but manage to convey a meaning of sorts morph into other equally ambiguous shapes. He mixes hand drawn cell animation, claymation and paperless 2D animation techniques here to create what appears to be two very distinct aesthetic strands that eventually become knotted together. To make complete sense of what you're seeing is besides the point - as the shapes shift, so does the context of the video.

Chad Vangaalen:

“The style and economy of the animation is governed by my ability to sit in a chair and draw for as long as I possibly can without being distracted by my beautiful vegetable garden. Because of the garden and its beauty, I have been inspired to make most of the environments similar to what I see in the garden, so needless to say there is a lot of lettuce.”


DirectorChad VanGaalen
AnimatorChad VanGaalen

Luke Bather - 21st July 2017

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