Luke Bather - 18th July 2017

Nick Middleton puts the viewer in a rather strange predicament in his clip for Dutch Uncles.

Middleton puts the audience in the first person and lets a strange story unfold. Through the point of view of a recently jilted ex, we follow a woman as she whimsically dances her way through an eerily quiet London. Turns out she's fallen in love with a street light and we're being left in the dust. All we have now are these confusing, painful, artistic memories to see us through.


"I imagined a girl falling in love with a streetlight. The song is about the end of a relationship, but I wanted to tell it from the point of view of the ex-lover, so what we see are their memories and jealousies. I asked Gabriela to look at the camera as if it were her lover and her enemy. She’s a fantastic performer and can convey a lot with just a look. I still haven’t seen the film she was in with Vincent Cassel."


DirectorNick Middleton
ProducerNick Middleton
Director of PhotographyNye Williams
WardrobeLinda Rocco
Lead actorGabriela Flarys
LabelMemphis Industries

Luke Bather - 18th July 2017

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