Luke Bather - 4th July 2017

Ken takes some punishment in Schall & Schnabel's boyfriend voodoo ritual for Confidence Man.

Bright pinks, lush turquoises, perfect nails and a heap of sadistic carnage. A pair of disembodied hands (who, given the clues, we can only assume belong to Barbie) take out their frustrations on a series of unfortunate, yet likely quite deserving Ken Dolls. Look on in a strange cathartic awe as they're melted, shredded, stapled, nailed, cooked, chopped, beaten and eaten.

Maybe it's the colours, maybe it's the carnage, but I'll be damned if it isn't a compelling four minutes of your day.

PRO Credits


DirectorSchall & Schnabel
ProducerHannelore Dreist
Production AssistantDanny Schuster
Production AssistantJubal Battisti
Production AssistantMiriam Jacobi
Director's RepresentationOB Management

Luke Bather - 4th July 2017

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