Luke Bather - 4th July 2017

Things get a touch conspiratorial in Mayer/Leyva's bizarre new video for Arcade Fire.

Mayer/Leyva (who also operate under the name Borscht Corp from time to time) have crafted a Floridian Alien caper that is as much an exercise in formalism as it is a genre-bending style piece.

Following a couple on an intrepid quest to recover proof of life beyond our solar system, the clip at once plays out like a spy caper and a surrealist masterpiece with the frenzied aesthetic of a cult yakuza movie. In short, it's frantic, fast-paced, otherworldly and oozing with style.


Production CompanyBorscht Corporation
Production CompanyAnchor Light

Luke Bather - 4th July 2017

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