David Knight - 29th June 2017

George Daniell's video for Tom Hobden & Eliot James's Housman's Theme (on Blink Productions' label offshoot Village Green Recordings) is a portrait of a man who works in one of the most striking landscapes in England. And it's just great filmmaking.

David Kennard is a shepherd on the North coast of Devon, where he grazes his sheep on an unique piece of land - the clifftops of Morte Point. And if you thought the life of a shepherd was quiet, peaceful and unhurried - think again. Daniell, and his DoP Eoin Mcloughlin, have captured Kennard's working life as an intense, blood-pumping, visceral experience.

The animals, the relentlessness of the job, the brutal beauty of the place are almost palpable here - never more so than when Kennard, his dogs and the sheep head onto the clifftops. That is the breathtaking climax to a beautiful and moving film. Tremendous stuff.



"It was filmed over two days, one pre-lambing season in February and one post-lambing in April. All shot in North Devon, near a place called Mortehoe. I actually grew up in Devon and spend a lot of time on the North coast, it's one of my favourite places in the world!

"I heard a bit about David Kennard the shepherd and the unique piece of land he grazes his sheep on - Morte Point (the clifftops). I love documentary filmmaking so wanted to combine documentary style with a music video, so got hold of David and persuaded him to let me and DOP Eoin Mcloughlin spend a couple of days with him, getting an insight into his life and work. I pitched the idea to Blink and Village Green Recordings and they liked the idea!"


DirectorGeorge Daniell
Director of PhotographyEoin McLoughlin
EditorMagdalena Plugowska
Editing companyTrim Editing
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyTime Based Arts
Post ProducerSean Ewins
LabelVillage Green

David Knight - 29th June 2017

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