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Olly Murs ft. Louisa Johnson 'Unpredictable' by Marc Klasfeld

David Knight - 27th June 2017

Olly Murs serves up another winner, playing a love match with a difference with Louisa Johnson in Marc Klasfield's thoroughly entertaining video for Unpredictable - well-timed to align with the annual spike in the British public's interest in tennis.

The inspiration for the video is a legendary exhibition match from the 1970s - when woman's champ (and feminist) Billie Jean King played a man, veteran player (and blowhard) Bobby Riggs, in a match dubbed the Battle of the Sexes. This was also the era of serial Wimbledon men's champion Bjorn Borg - and it looks like they found Borg's original Fila kit and handed it to Murs for the shoot.

As always, Olly is good value and he finds an excellent foil in Louise Johnson for a spectacle which is, thankfully, devoid of sporting drama and entirely played for laughs. What really adds to the pleasure is the look - that slightly overcooked vintage feel, where stock footage is blended in with the new stuff (shot in Palm Springs) without overcomplicated efforts to make it look very realistic. 

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David Knight - 27th June 2017


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Lisa Foo, Mike O'keefe

David Knight - 27th June 2017

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