Luke Bather - 21st June 2017

Rejjie Snow takes a drive out to a cold and lonely place in this performance clip by Joe Bird.

The video sees Rejjie driving out to a field that's been used to dump abandoned vehicles. They're left to rot, discarded and forgotten. There's a beauty in these things and Joe Bird knows it, shooting on film he lets Rejjie perform in these spaces and even brings a throne along. Rejjie becomes a king in this discarded domain of people's former belongings and that's just the way he likes it.

PRO Credits


DirectorJoe Bird
ProducerJoe Bird
Director of PhotographyHarry Wheeler
Focus PullerTom Carpinter
2nd ACMelanie Jansen
SteadicamGrant Sandy Phillips
EditorJoe Bird
ColouristJason Wallis
Other credits

Luke Bather - 21st June 2017

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