David Knight - 19th June 2017

Simo Liukka's video for the Finnish/Dutch duo F.U.N.C.'s Nectar is beautifully-crafted, highly atmospheric, and very gooey.

It's an ambitious portmanteau of bittersweet stories, all revolving around the dark side of the human psyche. And with each story exploring sex, deception, violence or greed, it usually ends up in a profusion of sweet, sticky stuff, oozing from the protagonist's bodies, car bodywork - and singer.

This is delivered with impressive production values by the team at Helsinki-based production company Visual Works, and nicely shot by Finnish DoP Jukka Moisio.


DirectorSimo Liukka
ProducerMarkus Malvisalo
ProducerVille Nikunen
Production CompanyVisual Works
Director of PhotographyJukka Moisio
GafferTommi Jokinen
Make-upKaroliina Viinikari
EditorTommi Hietaniemi
Editing companyVisual Works
ColouristMarko Terävä
Grading companyPost Control
Post production companyPost Control
VFXMarko Terävä
Other creditsSound Design: Akseli Soini (El Camino) Actors: Heidi Lindén, Juha Uutela, Elias Salonen, Liisa Vääriskoski, Santeri Helinheimo-Mäntylä, Ami Hasan, Pauliina Sjöberg, Juho Tolvanen Thanks: Kinos Rentals, Jokemedia, Koivulan Filmi Ja Video, Koski Syväri, UFF, Post Control, El Camino, Janne Joutsen & Susanna Kainulainen Facebook.com/funcofficial | Visualworks.fi

David Knight - 19th June 2017

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