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Amber Coffman 'No Coffee' by Zia Anger

Luke Bather - 10th May 2017

Sometimes, you run out of coffee and the only thing getting you through that day in the office is the bald eagle man with whom you sometimes get intimate. Or at least that's the story Amber Coffman and Zia Anger are telling here.

The playful clip sees Coffman perform in a dreamlike office environment - all hazy and pastel-coloured. With Coffee stains on the ceiling, and on her dress, Coffman makes the best of the dreary, strange office space by dancing through it. It's a peculiar series of events - but this is what happens when you don't get your morning coffee...

Luke Bather - 10th May 2017

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Zia Anger
Corey Deckler


Director of Photography
Ashley Connor


Theo Anthony

Luke Bather - 10th May 2017

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