David Knight - 30th Mar 2017

The latest album by Steven Merritt, aka The Magnetic Fields, goes for an unfeasibly big number of tracks, in the manner of his groundbreaking alternative classic 69 Love Songs

The new one, 50 Song Memoir, with songs representing different years of Merritt's life, comes with visual accompaniments designed primarily for the concert tour, directed by José Zayas. Alex Petrowsky has directed the lo-fi cut-up animation for '85 Why I Am Not a Teenager, realising a world that is certainly much older than 1980s. More like 1917, in fact, with cloisters, telephone exchanges, illustrations of early 20th century technology.  


DirectorAlex Petrowsky
ProducerJosé Zayas
ProducerAlex Basco Koch
AnimatorRyan Powell
AnimatorAlex Petrowsky
EditorRyan Powell
Production CompanyFlying Fish Productions

David Knight - 30th Mar 2017

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