Luke Bather - 22nd Mar 2017

Lyle Lindgren's short film for Goldie is a wonderful piece of social realism starring Stephen Graham.

After releasing the short version earlier this month, the full-length version of this film fills in some key narrative gaps. We follow a man (played by Graham) who visits his young daughter whilst on day release from open prison. It's a heartbreaking contrast of two lives, and watching him try to balance them becomes even harder once his fellow inmates discover that he's been recording bedtime stories for his daughter on cassette in his cell.

Stephen Graham, never less than a commanding presence on screen, gives a blazing performance as a man capable of boundless love, but also tremendous violence. He released a statement about the making of the video which gives an indication of how committed he was to the project.

"This shoot was something truly special," says Graham. "It's been an absolute pleasure working with Lyle who I think is an amazingly promising young director. He's crafted a beautifully raw short film that delves into a rarely seen aspect of the prison system.  Even though it deals with dark themes and violence… there’s a tenderness to the story which was important to portray properly.

"I've known me old mucka Goldie since day so it was fantastic to be able to collaborate on this, as there's a personal connection to the themes of the film for all involved.”

PRO Credits


DirectorLyle Lindgren
Director of PhotographyAhmet Husseyin
ProducerJohnny Griffith
Production CompanyPrettybird
Production CompanyThe Trap Cold Wave
1st ADSpencer Wilson
Focus PullerHarry Wheeler
SteadicamGrant Sandy Phillips
Production AssistantHannah May
Production AssistantLaura Thomas Smith
ColouristMarty McMullan
Other creditsA.C/D.I.T: Sam Harding A.C/D.I.T: Joe Salkey Gaffer: Mark Alvarez Spark: Ryan Delahunty Sound Recordist: Blai Escayola Runner: Zac Moss Runner: Alex Mill Runner: Michael Mroczek Runner: Sam Wick Unit Driver: Darryl Gadzekpo Mr Graham’s Driver: Nicholas Grigorian Make Up Artist: Alexa Seabourne Catering: Kim Booker @ Raffelinas

Luke Bather - 22nd Mar 2017

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