Luke Bather - 7th Mar 2017

Dutch Uncles get their skates on in this playful clip for Oh Yeah, directed by Nick Middleton.

The bands frontman Duncan Wallis is no stranger to busting out some incredible dance moves, and here Middleton decides to put his moves on wheels – possibly in the hope of some flailing calamity. No chance: Wallis takes to it like a duck to water.

Starting off alone in a roller rink, before being joined by Liverpool indie band Stealing Sheep, and eventually a cavalcade of rollerskating extras. With cash flying everywhere, the video builds and builds into a joyous party that seems quite aware that it's a music video. But that strange energy works in its favour.


"Duncan’s dancing style has always been a large part of the Dutch Uncles live experience. He’s got a pretty unique way of dancing and I wanted to let him do his thing for this high-energy track. We felt that we had to up the ante from the excellent dancing in the Flexxin' video, so he put on his roller-skates and I told him to do his best. As luck would have it, that first visit to the roller rink was a success and I felt encouraged that he’d be able to pull it off in a video.

"We asked Stealing Sheep to appear since they appear on backing vocals on the track. They did a stand-out job at not falling over since none of them had skated since they were kids. By the end of it, I swear I saw Becky doing spins."


DirectorNick Middleton
ProducerNick Rowley
Director of PhotographyKarim Andreotti
Focus PullerStephie Parker
LabelMemphis Industries

Luke Bather - 7th Mar 2017

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