Luke Bather - 6th Mar 2017

Harvey Eaton's video for Freddie Dickson's Fuel delivers a melancholic allegory.

The song reflects on the experiences Freddie has made over the past few years, and the video shows two sides of him in the context of dark, brooding performance. 

Bathed in red light and shadows, the video lets metaphor run wild whilst exploring the duality of Dickson's past and present selves. It becomes a mysterious portrait of an artist in a transitional phase of his career.

"The aim of this video was to be quite honest and self-reflective," says Freddie Dickson. "It’s about the subconscious loss of who you are, about how people can change without realising. When I stepped away from the music industry for a while I realised how blind I had been and how caught up I had become during the whole experience. The two characters in the video portray the then and the now."


"We decided to create two versions of Freddie - a striking and manipulated Fred from the past, contrasting a clear-minded, collected Fred from the present, looking back at himself. We shot 'present day' Fred with straight spherical lenses and the 'entranced' Fred with anamorphics to subtly add the difference between the two states of mind."


DirectorHarvey Eaton
ProducerHarvey Eaton
Production CompanyNeatboy Productions
Production ManagerRupert Langlands Pearse
Director of PhotographyTom O'Keefe
Focus PullerAlex Kirkwood
Make-upElinor Mcmahon
DoP's representationUndercranked

Luke Bather - 6th Mar 2017

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