Luke Bather - 27th Feb 2017

Joe Stakun explores the delicate balance of masculinity and insecurity in this hilarious video for Pissed Jeans.

The gym-based clip, in which the band demonstrates how to do every single part of a workout incorrectly, takes things to the next level when they find themselves competing with a bunch of gym bros. Each piece of equipment misused just adds another layer of hilarity to the scenario, until the final shot of the video takes things to a pitch-black hilarious conclusion.

It's Stakun's fourth collaboration with Pissed Jeans, and his first video since last year's earth-shattering one-take routine for AJJ. I'm not sure if anything in the future of Music Videos will ever beat that, but this comes close.


DirectorJoe Stakun
ProducerJames Doolittle
ProducerScott Ross
Production CompanyAll Ages Productions
Director of PhotographyDrew Saracco
GafferShane Moore
EditorBill Benz
Lead actorDaniel Wurtz
Lead actorDaro Stivender, Brian Matthews, Marquis Valdez,
LabelSub Pop

Luke Bather - 27th Feb 2017

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