Luke Bather - 21st Feb 2017

David Dutton's video for Daktyl is a glitched-out foray into a broken relationship.

Equal parts volatile and passionate, the video for Stay features lo-fi video clips and still images that are glitched, morphed and moshed beyond recognition. The warping of the characters' bodies and faces as they writhe and fight somehow managing to add extra dimensions to a layered story. Self-described as "No-budget Art", the video does an incredible amount with seemingly very little in telling a story whilst creating a mesmerising digital collage.


GafferFernando Camarena
DirectorDavid Dutton
Production CompanyDutton Films
Executive ProducerRich Daktyl
Production ManagerDavid Dutton
Director of PhotographyFernando Camarena
ProducerDavid Dutton
Art DirectorDavid Dutton
EditorDavid Dutton
ColouristDavid Dutton
VFXDavid Dutton
Lead actorEric Alan Livingston, Simone Rene
LabelMad Decent

Luke Bather - 21st Feb 2017

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