Cat Velez - 6th Feb 2017

A storm brews inside of a burka-clad dancer in Western Medicine, driving her jolted movements around an arid, disused suburban lot.

Shot and co-directed by Ryan Hope for Nowness, the sequence is gripping and heavy - unfolding elegantly but carrying with it a palpable sense of fear, dread and pain. Alongside an unnerving score from composer Ari Balouzian - who co-directed the clip – the resulting three minute piece really manages to put the viewer you on edge.


DirectorRyan Hope
DirectorAri Balouzian
ProducerRyan Hope
Production CompanyAppraiser
Director of PhotographyRyan Hope
GafferHanon Harrower
Grading companya52
Director's Rep (UK)Martin Roker at Black Dog Films

Cat Velez - 6th Feb 2017

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