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Sonia Stein 'One Of Those Things' by Aaron Bevan-Bailey

Sonia Stein 'One Of Those Things' by Aaron Bevan-Bailey

Cat Velez - 31st Jan 2017

Aaron Bevan-Bailey channels some Eighties vibes in this sensuous lightshow of a performance video for Sonia Stein's One Of Those Things.

The video combines an over-saturated neo-noir colour palette, influenced by films like Drive, shot on location in Warsaw to reflect the singer's origin and influences. Slick and contemporary in feel, Sonia is iconic as she looks out of the 42nd floor window of the Cosmopolitan building onto a glittering skyline. Meanwhile, vivid pink, indigo, and ultramarine are cast over post-modern interiors and flicker off her sequined jacket and shimmering dress.


"My inspiration for the video came from the smooth, layed back, retro guitar riff in the song, for me its somewhere between Cindy Lauper's Time after Time and Micheal MacDonald's I Keep Forgetting. It immediately set off imagery of classic eighties neon-lit cinema.

"I had been to Warsaw before and I really wanted to find an original way of shooting it, in the end the super talented DOP Mike Simpson and I came up with this kind of Tokyo meets Warsaw look, where the dogma dictated that we could only shoot exterior locations with neon in them.

"After deciding this, we started scouting for locations, in doing so we quickly realised Warsaw is the least neon city in the world and the signs they did have all switched off at 7pm. Anyone with a keen eye who speaks Polish will recognise that Sonia is actually dancing outside a bakery at one point but the sign fit our colour pallette perfectly so we went with it."


Watch 'Sonia Stein 'One Of Those Things' by Aaron Bevan-Bailey ' here

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Cat Velez - 31st Jan 2017


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Aaron Bevan-bailey
Stephanie Haughton
Stanisław Zaborowski
Production Company
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Piotr Tomaszewski


Ola Foka Przyłuska

Cat Velez - 31st Jan 2017

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