David Knight - 27th Jan 2017

The excellent Oklahoma singer-songwriter Samantha Crain - who has previously made videos with LAMAR+NIK – gets together with Jarod Evans to create an arresting burst of homemade horror for Oh Dear Louis, the first single from her new album You Had Me A Goodbye.

With random lo-fi video effects and animation, and a knife-wielding Samantha coming on a psychopath on a bad acid trip, its a fond homage to '80s 'video nasty' horror. And quite a counter-intuitive approach, considering her music is folky, melodic and decidedly unscary. But it works.  


DirectorJarod Evans
Camera operatorJarod Evans
Camera operatorBlake Studdard
Camera operatorCassidy Mandel
Camera operatorColton Jean
VFXJarod Evans
VFXSamantha Crain
VFXBrine Webb
VFXBlake Studdard
LabelFull Time Hobby

David Knight - 27th Jan 2017

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