Luke Bather - 18th Jan 2017

François runs amok amongst the awesome architecture of the Palais de Justice in a night time dance film with a hidden message.

Director Jack Barraclough and François (who co-directs the video) present something that on the surface seems quite carefree. Being in amongst these incredible stone columns and sculptures at night feels like a mischievous victory dance, but paired with the themes of the refugee crisis adds a much deeper set of themes to the clip. 

The title translates as 'The Great Deregulation' and is about mass migration and the refugee crisis. The dancer and choreographer, Mohammed Okal is a Palestinian refugee and was an ambulance driver in Gaza during the war. The Raj'een Dabkeh Group he leads was founded by Palestinian refugees who moved to Europe with their families.

Jack Barraclough:

"We really liked the idea of shooting in the Palais de Justice at night, between working days when it functions as a court, and felt that doing so gave the video a sense of celebration and rebellion at the same time."

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Barraclough
ProducerJack Barraclough
Director of PhotographyConstantin Didisheim
WardrobeJulien David
EditorJack Barraclough
ColouristJack Barraclough
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
LabelDomino Records

Luke Bather - 18th Jan 2017

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